Ray Holman
- a quiet persuasive innovator is greatly admired by most steelpan musicians and patrons of the national panorama competition. A professional player of the double second and tenor pans winning the ping-pong solo in 1964. He has been innovative in pan men composing and arranging their own calypsoes for the national Panorama competition. Mr Holman is instrumental in motivating others to provide indigenous music for the instrument. In 1988, he was awarded the Humming Bird Silver Medal for Merit for his outstanding contribution to pan. Arranging music began for Mr Holman at age 16 with Invaders Steel Orchestra he then went on to write his first piece of music "Ray's Saga" at age 17 followed by "Socking it with Steel" with Starlift Steel Orchestra in 1970. Interpretation and structure of a panorama tune is different for Mr Holman, he perceives it like a concerto a lead instrument and an orchestra providing the background. Contributions to panorama include: in 1969 the strumming cellos and guitars creating a new rhythm, more solo passages and more elements of jazz making the music more lyrical and the bringing the tassa drums in the steel band. One of his concerns about the music is the pace of the panorama pieces, Mr Holman suggests that the fast pace is hampering the performance of the music destroying the beauty of the music. In effect, the judges do not have a clear understanding of the instrument and concept therefore the results would be regressive for the steelpan movement.


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